Tamboran response to Nurrdalinji Aboriginal Corporation

Tamboran Resources Limited (ASX: TBN) Managing Director and CEO, Joel Riddle, said:

“We would like to respond to the media release dated 24 June 2022 by the Nurrdalinji Aboriginal Corporation regarding access to our approved activities within exploration permit EP 136.

“Traditional Owners recognised by the Northern Land Council (NLC) have been on the record in the National Indigenous Times announcing support for development of the Beetaloo Basin. We look forward to working closely with the Traditional Owners recognised by the NLC to protect their sacred sites and who will benefit from the generation of jobs, education and Native Title royalties in the region.

“The Nurrdalinji Aboriginal Corporation (NAC) are not recognised as Native Title Holders for this area by either the NLC or AAPA. The NAC are being supported and publicised by foreign-owned pastoral leaseholder, Rallen Australia, in an attempt to frustrate approved exploration work in the Northern Territory and further restrict supply of new gas into the Australian energy market.

Regarding ongoing activities within the permit, Joel Riddle, said:

“Sweetpea (Tamboran) hold a valid Authority Certificate (AC) from the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority of Northern Territory as required under law. The AAPA AC covers all the currently approved activities of Tamboran and provides clear identification of sacred sites, which has registered a number of restricted work areas – including around Newcastle Creek.

“Sweetpea will comply with all conditions of the AC and will not undertake works that are prohibited within any relevant restricted work area. The AAPA are the only legitimate body able to declare sacred sites and issue an AC under NT law. The AAPA have worked cooperatively with Tamboran throughout the process.

“Tamboran has and will continue to work closely with all stakeholders, including legitimate traditional owners through the NLC. We have been granted an Approved Access Agreement (AAA) to the tenement under NT law as determined by the NT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NTCAT). We have secured all necessary approvals and are continuing with the proposed works fully approved under the terms of the Agreement.

“As part of our ongoing activities, safety for all personnel on site is of paramount importance to Tamboran and as such, we have the obligation to take the necessary measures to ensure the implementation of such measures.

“Given the parties on site today were attempting to access a site where activities are taking place, outside of registered sacred sites and without prior notice, access has been restricted.”


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