Tamboran response to media

Tamboran Resources Limited (ASX: TBN) Managing Director and CEO, Joel Riddle, said:

“Tamboran Resources has been granted an Approved Access Agreement to the tenement under NT law as determined by the NT Civil and Administrative Tribunal, has secured all necessary approvals and is continuing with the proposed works fully approved under the terms of the Agreement.

“Tamboran has been working closely with all stakeholders, including pastoral leaseholders and traditional owners through the Northern Land Council.

“Pastoral lease and exploration lease holders are granted overlapping tenures by the Northern Territory. These lease holders have come to agreements across the Northern Territory and Australia successfully over many decades to manage their dual rights over public land and will continue to do so to the mutual benefit of industry, traditional owners and the environment.

“Contrary to what has been reported in the media, Rallen, as a pastoral lease holder, have no right to attempt to block lawful exploration activities approved under our Land Access Agreement, however, we respect the rights of Rallen, and its foreign owners, to run cattle on its pastoral lease in accordance with the specific rights afforded to it under NT law.

“Rallen’s purchase of pastoral leases took place after the gas moratorium in the Northern Territory was lifted, knowing full well of the Northern Territory Government’s desire to develop the Beetaloo Basin, which is projected to deliver thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in royalties to the benefit of Territorians.

“It should be deeply concerning for all Australians that a foreign entity can attempt to use its control over pastoral assets to restrict supply of new gas into the market, given the current energy crisis and desperate need for more gas.

“Tamboran notes and respects the ongoing appeal in the Northern Territory Supreme Court and will refrain from commenting further throughout proceedings.”

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